Disposable Cuvettes
Polystyrene for visible, Methacrylate for near UV and tight sealing caps

We use the finest materials and take the greatest care to ensure that our cuvettes are the best available. Two sizes are available; 3.5ml (standard) and 1.5ml (semi-micro). All cuvettes have a 10mm path length and are 45mm high. The internal width of the semi-micro cuvette is 4mm. Fluorometer cuvettes have 4 sides clear.

Cuvettes for use in the visible region are made from polystyrene. The cuvettes for use in the near UV are made from methacrylate. The cuvettes are designed to fit all standard instruments.

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The cuvettes are packed in 5 styrofoam trays with each tray holding 100 cuvettes. The trays have a tight fitting styrofoam lid which protects the optical surfaces and keeps the cuvettes clean. They are sold in packs of 500 cuvettes.

We also have cuvette caps which are made from polyethylene. The caps are liquid tight but very easy to insert and remove making the cuvettes suitable for mixing and storage. The caps are sold separately in bags of 500 caps.

Polystyrene, useable range: 340 to 800nm
Catalog# Description Volume Range(nm) Qty/pack Price/pack
9002 Standard 3.5ml 340-800 500 US$ 52.00
9003 Semi-Micro 1.5ml 340-800 500 US$ 59.00
9012 Fluorometer 3.5ml 340-800 500 US$ 58.00
Acrylic, useable range: 285 to 800nm
9007 UV Standard 3.5ml 285-800 500 US$ 146.00
9008 UV Semi-Micro 1.5ml 285-800 500 US$ 121.00
9014 UV Fluorometer 3.5ml 285-800 500 US$ 121.00
Caps for Cuvettes, fits all cuvettes listed
9020 Caps all cuvettes n/a 500 US$ 25.00